by Empty Handed

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released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Empty Handed Leipzig, Germany

since 2010. melodic hardcore/ emo.

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Track Name: Farewell
Say Goodbye.. Say Goodbye to my voice.
You don't deserve.. You don't deserve my words.
Say Goodbye.. Say Goodbye to my heart.
You don't deserve.. You don't deserve my love.
Say Goodbye to everything.
Track Name: Perspectives
I love to feel their dead breath on my shoulders
Since I was young, I've given up all hope
Ignorance is what you gave, so Ignorance is what you get. This is my fucking fist, that’s all I fucking know. I am weak and I am scared that’s why I feel so desolate.. In my head.. it always rains, no brightness and no warmth.

You call me hate and I am the reason for your bitterness and your first fight. You can’t see me, even though I never hide.. Your heartbeat. keeps me alive. I let wars begin and humans fight.

Look at you, what you’ve become. I am already a part of you. I am in your heart, I burn your soul
You are what I made of you.

So, close your eyes and feel my cold hands when I lead you to my place. You will never come back.

We will never come back. We leave this world together for good. People like ghosts are passing by.
There is no return, you are dead, not me.
I see this world in black and white, because that is all my eyes can see. No beauty and no sympathy..All my anger against your fear.

We don’t care who you are and what you’ve been
It’s on yourself to let us in or keep us out but we will try forever more.
Track Name: The Art of Letting Go

Where is your fucking god? You gave your soul. loneliness. Sleeping dead.. Won't you wake up.
When it keeps eating you alive.

Forget everyone and all the things that you have learned. Try to escape, try to fight back, try to rethink every ideology. Ingenious thoughts, you don’t need them to help you feel alive. I've lost all hope in everything and I've lost all faith in everyone.

I Should let go

no more illusions, no more acceptance.
I will destroy, I will destroy.
Our lives should be worth living for.
I will destroy, I will destroy.
My eyes were blind but my tears told the story..
I will destroy, I will destroy
I chose to wear my heart upside down.
Track Name: Refused

I am not afraid of falling asleep. I am afraid of waking up again. Your hate's placed in my head commanding me what to do. My face's pressed against my pillow and I see moments passing by. I refuse to feel. Left all alone..

I try to forget, still your fingers will not leave my arm.
I was heading for a change but all I found was harm.
I kept begging on my knees, regretting every "I love you". Headshaking you've turned away (from me).

So It was on me to save me from myself and you.
Your thoughts hammered nails into my eyes,
red tears running down on every piece of my fucking face reflecting each and every wall I built with my own hands.

So here's to you. Here's to all of you.. And here's to you. To all of you.. Forget my name.

I watched my shadows walking, dressed up in lies.
keep pretending your whole life that you're someone else. You said I'd grow with every mistake that I make. But as far as I can see, I haven't changed in any way..